Man Cave Ideas and Accessories

The history of a man cave is a tricky one. At first, it started out as a simple retreat for a man – a room in the house where he could go and do guy stuff: watch the game, put up his sports memorabilia, drink beer and play cards with his buddies and all that. It wasn’t always called a “man cave” though. Wives and significant others over time have shoo’d their men to the garage, the den, the office, the spare room or whatever space was located on the other side of the house, away from where the woman of the house was. If they wanted to decorate a room of the house with all their sports stuff, they were allowed to, so long as it was out of sight from the rest of the house.

Over time, however, the man cave idea was embraced by both men and women. Eventually, men saw the value in being sent to the other end of the house, being able to watch sports, have fantasy drafts, play cards and drink beer with his buddies. At the same time, their wives really learned to appreciate the idea of a man cave just as much. The fact that they now had the vast majority of the house to themselves was quite a blessing in disguise. This whole man cave idea thing was really working out.

Man Cave Decorations

Man Caves: From Excommunication to Another Room to Decorate!

At first, the whole idea of a man cave was to excommunicate the dopey men to the other end of the house so their wives didn’t have to listen to the cheering, yelling at umpires, sports debates and all that. But now, man caves have not only been accepted by both men and women as a vital room in the house, they have also evolved into a room where both man and wife can agree to decorate with accessories that men will think are cool! Men will come up with decoration ideas, and women will find more and more accessories (and better decoration ideas – let’s face it) for the man cave as time goes on. Man cave decorations are abundant these days, and SportyShades has the coolest man cave accessories of all time: officially-licensed ML BTM and NHL® logos on window shades in tons of different styles, colors and designs.

Find your favorite baseball or hockey team here at SportyShades, get a set of window shades for your man cave, then put them up in the man cave as the final accessory you’ve been missing all this time. You have all the posters, bobble-heads and jerseys already, but the windows in your man cave are left with those lame grandma-lookin’ blinds and shades. Get with the times, man! This is the coolest man cave decoration or accessory you’ve ever found!

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